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Who we are, and why us!

STAMPERIA ELLEBI is one of the most important Italian companies printing high-quality fabrics. It is based near Como, the famed textile district for top-quality fabrics and fashion accessories.

We use the latest machinery and technology. We continuously invest in new manufacturing processes to be more and more environment-friendly. We are proud of highly-skilled personnel. We deliver the highest quality standards.

If you are looking for an Italian partner printing your beautiful fabrics (for clothing or fashion accessories), ELLEBI is your ultimate choice. Contact us and explain your project in details: we will be happy to let you understand you have found what you have been looking for so far! 

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Textile printing at its best

in Como, ITALY

We are your right partner for the production of high-quality printed fabrics.
We are a qualified supplier for the Seri.co. trademark

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Contact Details

STAMPERIA ELLEBI is located in Cantù, south of Como, in northern Italy. 

Via Tito Speri 15, 20063 Cantù, ITALY

+39 031 714815

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